Usborne Book Programs
For Free and Discounted Books

It is our mission to provide children access to the best books published. This is accomplished by our programs available to get these in to the hands of children in our families and community.

* Have a Home Show--our hostess program rewards you with FREE books based upon the retail sales of the show. Also, there are additional discounts or other options offered which change every few months. No time to do a "show" then do an online show! OR read on....

* Collect Orders--from your friends and family. Work toward the amount of books you would like to get. This way you don't have to clean your house or send out invitations! (Collect $100+ in orders and get $20+ in Books!)

* Become A Consultant--by joining UBAH you get a great selection of books in the kits available. If you do 6 or more homeshows in your first 12 weeks you will be eligible for book awards of $50 for $15 for each step you achieve. Up to $360 in product is available as rewards! Plus, often the Home Office awards books for sales achieved or discounts on product. (Not to mention personal sales and recruiting bonuses are great rewards as well!) >Click here to see what it takes to sign up!

* Hold a Bookfair--This program is an excellent way for a school or organization to obtain free books. NO Shipping or Handling is charged. By collecting orders of $500 retail or more your school or organization can earn 50% in Free books. (Or 25% free for $200 - $499.99) We do ONLINE bookfairs so you can earn your free books in a no fuss way! write to me, for details.

* Do a "Reach for the Stars!!!" Reading Incentive Event --Every child that particpates in reading or, for non readers, being read to daily for up to 5 hours (300 minute min.) within a 2-week (10 to 14 days) period will get to choose their prize of an Usborne book. Children collect from sponsors pledge money for reaching their goal. During the read-a-thon period, each participant keeps a log of their reading and a *Wish List* of Usborne books of their choice to keep as a reward for participating and reaching their reading goal. Meanwhile, the teacher or school librarian also builds a wish list of books they also will earn. (Note: this program can be adjusted to be done as a fund raiser only if need be.) Click here to see a chart of RFTS Successes!

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To arrange one of these options to get FREE books Call Ann Agent at 800-429-8588 or click here to contact me
I'd love to help you get these fabulous books in to the hands of children everywhere.

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