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Our children love Usborne Books! I started the business when our oldest was 2 1/2, and expecting the twins. We have enjoyied reading their favorite books over and over again. They have been our partners in the business, handing a catalog to a customer, or helping Mom deliver books. They are always sure to point out what books they want from our catalog too! Check out my website to learn more:

I work only part time! This means I'm home for my children when they need me and that leaves our schedule is quite flexible. Our goal with Usborne is to get out of debt, and we recently purchased our first home! We are able to do that by sharing these wonderful books with others. Finding opprotunities to do bookfairs for local preschools. And servicing our local library as they purchase new books. Or helping children enjoy reading with our Reach for the Stars!!! Reading Incentive/Fundraising Program for the Schools. SEE: Reach For The Stars Successes!

For Geneology buffs, Agent comes from Lithuania and is actually Agentus. The other side is Moldovan from Romania. I have a lot of work to do on these lines, but welcome any info or links to be e-mailed to me. My maiden name is Brockway, my sister has done extensive research on our parents lines (Brockway, Marx, Lemire, Wagner).

Thanks for visiting our family! Come again soon, maybe there will be a new picture?