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A Home Based Business That Lets You Put Your Family First!
OUR MISSION:"The future of our world depends on the education of our children.
UBAH delivers educational excellence one book at a time.
We provide economic opportunity while fostering strong family values.
We touch the lives of children for a lifetime."

What is Usborne Books At Home? (UBAH)

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Usborne Books At Home is the home business division of Educational Development Corporation (EDC), a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ exchange (EDUC), recognized three consecutive years (2005, 2004 and 2003) as Fortune Magazine's Top 100 Small Businesses. Also, recognized in November, '97 by FORBES as one of America's 200 Best Small Companies, and by Wealth Building Magazine as a proven direct selling opportunity.

As an independent contractor you have the opportunity to earn money and build a home business working either part-time or full-time with no monthly quotas and no territories. You can build your own home business selling exceptionally high quality, beautifully illustrated, award winning children's books. Because of their remarkable value Usborne books are easy to sell, and they promote reading, literacy and education.

The Products
Usborne children's books are highly recommended by both parents and educators. The books' hands-on activities and experiments entice children to read and learn more. The large, colorful illustrations and in-depth information in Usborne books stimulate children's natural curiosity. "How does a plane fly?" "How many eggs do crocodiles lay?" With over 1,300 titles covering a myriad of subjects, these and many other questions are answered. UBAH also offers Kid Kits, the unique hands-on activites kits paired with Usborne books. See our catalog on-line.

A Rewarding Sales Career
An UBAH consultant earns commission on all product sold at retail. Sales are achieved through home parties, direct sales, and preschool bookfairs. Also with a special "EC KIT" and specific training you can also sell to schools and libraries. (Approaching the S&L market is prohibited unless the "EC KIT" and Training are completed!)
See our description of the Six Types of Usborne Consultants
One Step At A Time Program
During the first 12 weeks of business when various sales levels are achieved, Usborne products can be added to the sample display at a significant discount in addition to commissions, bonuses and awards. See chart
Bonuses and Awards
An UBAH consultant is eligible for cash bonuses. Various cash and product awards are also received for sponsoring new recruits into the business. Travel contests and opportunities for advancement are just a few of the incentives UBAH offers.
Earning Potential
Commission vary between 17 and 30% plus bonuses when applicable. UBAH is a ground floor opportunity. You are your own boss and can distribute anywhere in the United States. You decide on your own earnings which will vary with the amount of effort you put forth towards sales and recruiting. There is no ceiling on the income you can earn, as it depends on you. UBAH is growing at a phenomenal rate. There is an enormous market for children's books which means there is an excellent opportunity for earning potential with UBAH. (Note: We do not have enough consultants nationwide--we need your help--this means now is an excellent time to begin!)
Supervisor's Marketing Program
Additional income may be received through sponsoring and other opportunites available through UBAH. By building a sales field of independed consulants, you can earn additional income from their sales production. Therefore, the income opportunity can be multiplied and far exceed one's individual effort.
Start-up Costs
There are various sample kits to choose from. This is a one time purchase to become and stay a consultant. You may build your kit at your own pace with books you earn at a discounted price. Business expenses such as additional supplies are tax deductible. Our School & Library program does require the purchase of a $22 kit, which includes a handbook, paperwork, cataloging samples and a library bound book. This is required to allow you to approach and service the School & Library market. This marketing program includes Direct Sales, Book Fairs and our Reach For The Stars Reading Incentive (bookraiser or fundraiser) Program.
You Are Worth It!
Choose your own hours and spend time with your family. Enjoy the possibility of achieving your dreams with an extra income. Become more than you ever thought possible. UBAH can offer you this! Now it is up to you to make it happen.
Five Questions
Everyone who is new to this concept of being in business for themselves has questions. Find answers to these common questions: Is this business simple? Is it fun? Can I make money at this? Will you help me? Is now the right time? See this page: Five Questions Every Prospect Has for the answers!

Business Overview
Download the PDF document "Now Is The Time" now for more information.
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Start Today!
After reading the pages and documents available here, and this sounds like something you want to do, we'd love to have you on our team!!
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INFO Packet
Here are the documents of my Information Packet:
Ways to Make Money and 6 Types of Usborne Consultants The variety of business styles and ways to market the products.
Overview of being an Usborne Consultant Explains the Commission Structure, history of the company and Training period rewards
Business Comparision Chart Can't decide between Usborne and other business opportunities? Use this Chart to compare.
Tax Benefits of a Home Business An overview of the benefits of a home business.

IF you have questions call me, Ann Agent, Supervisor & Educational Consultant toll-free at 1-800-429-8588 or fill out this form to contact me.
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