What Makes Usborne Books so Special?

Find the Duck

In 1973, a British man named Peter Usborne decided that educational, nonfiction books would need to change in order to compete with television and comics. He borrowed some ideas from these two media, hired educational experts to oversee both content and style of the books, and demanded that the books entice the children to learn. Usborne believed that a book should not only satisfy the child's interest, but arouse it.

Explanatory books, which only explain, are doing only half the job: If the book fails to make its subject attractive and interesting to the reader, chances are that the explanation will fail. Usborne books are graphically designed to draw the student in, to make him want to learn the material, and to help him remember it forever. The magic of Usborne books is that they make both reading and learning fun. Usborne set out to increase the opportunity for a child to enjoy reading and learning at home. These books are so well organized that little children truly absorb and recall much of the vast amout of information presented in them. Add affordability to educational excellence (of the over 1,300 titles, 80% are under $10, and 60% of those are under $5!), and you have an exciting new way to help your child learn!

Usborne books are fascinating, lavishly illustrated books written with humor, surprise, and drama. They incorporate activities and puzzles to challenge a child's observation and intelligence! Their superb print quality, well-presented graphics, high ratio of pictures to text, short magazine-like format, unique detail, and vibrant color set Usborne books apart from anything yet produced, especially at the prices offered.

Unique Features Include:
  1. Step by Step explainations of the "How's and Why's".
  2. Cutaway illustrations so children can get the inside view.
  3. Double page layouts which open so that the book is easily propped up, enticing the child to delve into the pictures.
  4. Pages filled with activity -- a lot of material to explore on each topic.
  5. Straightforward text consistently positioned below each picture simplifying the reading exercise -- the use of short sentences encourages the child to read.
  6. Many of our pre-school books feature charming illustrations by Stephen Cartwright with a "find the duck" theme throughout.

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This page revised May 21, 2007.