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Five Questions Every Prospect Has

In John Kalench's book, "Being the Best You Can Be in MLM"  says there are five key questions that a prospect has when joining a company. The answers to these five questions are provided for you below. This should help you in learning about the direct sales/network marketing business aspect of Usborne Books at Home. (UBAH) This is a fun, rewarding and doable business. I also enjoy answering any questions you may have!




  • There are "multiple streams of income" with UBAH. What this means is you can focus on just one area in UBAH to make money. There are school and library sales where lucrative commissions can be made. One consultant earned over $8,000 on just one sale. Other streams of income are home shows where the average earnings per show is $100 for approximately four hours of work.

  • UBAH doesn't require you to "front-load" (technically an illegal scheme many companies practice) to stay a consultant. With monthly sales volume, you can earn a bonus. Consultants also keep their commissions up front as they collect payments from customer orders.

  • Big money can be realized building a success-line. The top earning Executive Supervisor earns over $80,000 and many leaders are earning $25,000 to $50,000 while staying home with their children and working part-time hours around their families. Every year the leaders in the company are seeing an increase in their income from 15% to 50%.

  • More women make over $50,000 in direct sales / network marketing than any other profession.  Men are successful in this business as well! In some cases, Couples work together each focusing on their preferred sector of the business as partners.

Average Success Rate After three Years In Business:

6% working a 70 hour week
Small Business: 3% working a 70 hour week
Network Marketing: 80% if they stay at it for at least 3 years

More millionaires are made in network marketing
than in any other profession.  66% of them are Women. 


  • The success of my business depends on your success! As your sponsor I will plug you into all the training opportunities that I can. I will train you and introduce you to our supportive upline. When a supervisor lives a long distance away there may be other meetings to attend and the message board can also be a great support and training resource. I will stay in touch with you and you can contact me as well.


  • While the Direct Selling Industry experienced a decline of 4.2% in the past year, UBAH recorded only a 2.2% decline. Because of our Internet marketing strategies and online purchasing programs UBAH has had an increase in annual sales from $300,000 in 2005 to $2 Million in last fiscal year ending Feb 2008.

  • During 'poor' economic times, our industry grows dramatically because it gives individuals the opportunity to control when and where they work. While most employer based businesses actually cut back by laying off employees and freeze hiring. Statistics from between 2002 and 2003 show UBAH's sales increased 32%.

  • In May of 2003, there were only 275 Supervisors and 7,500 Consultants in UBAH. Compare that to Mary Kay, a leader in the industry, who recruited 150,000 in just one month October 2001.

  • UBAH is ground level, debt free, and a well established operation since 1989. UBAH is also a member of the Direct Sellers Association.

  • UBAH was ranked 48 out of 100 Top Small Businesses in the July/August 2003 issue of Fortune Magazine!

  • UBAH is operated by EDUC a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ Exchange  .

  • Every six minutes someone signs up for a home based business. Why not UBAH?

  • In a recent USA Today poll, 96% of adults, ages 25-44, described themselves as "very interested in owning their own business."

  • A home based-business offers taxpayers one of the very few (legal) ways to shelter income. "Underpaid and Overtaxed" is a company created by Michael Keeney, L. Roger Essen and Sanford Botkin. Their mission is to educate people on the benefits of a home based business. They say, "It isn't whether or not you are going to sign with a network marketing company, but which one will you choose?" UBAH!

  • We market an exceptional quality product, at a fair market price and provide an avenue for parents to invest in their children's education through two avenues. Either as a customer buying books their children love, or as indpendent consultants who can also earn an income while providing books for their children.

Our team has consultants from CA to NY.
But we do not have EVERY community being serviced!
We need people in YOUR local area--Join our TEAM today!

For more information please call Ann Agent at 800-429-8588
or see us online at www.UsborneDirect.com


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